Thursday, July 7, 2011

VF-25A Messiah Valkyrie Cannon Fodder/Mass Production version

VF-25A Messiah Valkyrie

Was looking at some old pictures in my computer and found this screen capture I made when I was watching an episode of Macross Frontier. Though its designation was never mentioned, I'm assuming that the cannon fodder variant of the Messiah would be known as a VF-25A. This is the cannon fodder variety of the VF-25 Messiahs being used by SMS squadron.

Judging from the picture above, it looks like the guys at Satelight (who made the series) just changed the color scheme of Michael Brauns VF-25G since the shoulder designation is 003. Which is the number of Michael Braun's VF-25G.

Sadly however, Bandai never found any merit to make a model kit of this, unlike the VF-27 Lucifer Normal type

Its head design is similar to the VF-25G Valkyrie Messiah of Michael Braun. So if one wanted to recreate this thing in model form, you'd just have to pick up the 1/72 VF-25G Valkyrie Messiah from Bandai

1/72 VF-25G Valkyrie Messiah

For the color scheme however, it looks tricky, it looks similar to the color scheme of the VF-27 Lucifer normal type but with a lighter shade. Which could probably be remedied by adding a few drops of white. But in some shots it actually looks like a shade of khaki-green. Oh well, that's what makes model making fun I guess, finding the proper shade by mixing colors.

VF-25A Messiah Valkyrie Cannon Fodder

I'm also assuming of course that the VF-25A Cannon fodder variant should come equipped with a Gunpod and not the sniper rifle that Michael Braun carries.