Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mask Toy Catalog

1986 Mask Catalog (kenner)

Found this along with the stuff my wife sent me, a 1986 Fold out Catalog for the Mask toys from the cartoon series of the same name. This Catalog came with the Raven toy that I bought. Click the image to enlarge. Was thinking of cutting the image up, but then I realized that it would be prettier to see it in its complete form.

1986 Mask Catalog (kenner)

The concept of Mask is that there are two groups battling against each other, the Mask, which are the good guys, and Venom which are the bad guys. Their vehicles are no ordinary vehicles as they transform into fighting vehicles which are slightly different in form and purpose from their original vehicle form. Found the intro video of Mask at Youtube, see below.

Aside from their vehicles, each "hero" or "villian" had a mask that they wore that aside from hiding their identity, had special powers or abilities that they could employ.

Speaking of the Raven, I should post that up one of these days. The toys are quite small from the average GI joe vehicle at that time with the figure being about a thumb in height. I think I can explain it more further once I post up a review of the Raven vehicle that I have.

The Catalog has two sides to it, one side is where they show the vehicles in the toy line up, while the other side has a puzzle. Answers to the puzzle are located at the border of the first side of the catalog.