Saturday, April 16, 2011

Shoji Kawamori with Danny Choo

Shoji Kawamori with Danny Choo

Almost finished my morning coffee in one gulp after seeing this post at Danny Choo's site. He's having a photo taken with Shoji Kawamori after a client call at his Satelight production company.

I'm not really one for gushing at those famous people in the anime industry but I'd make an exception for Shoji Kawamori. This guy's creations shaped my life while I was growing up and gave me many good memories. And even as I am older I still am influenced by him with the new stuff that he puts out.

Even this site owes its existence to him in one way or another as it was borne out of me finally finding out the ending of Macross SDF-1 anime after 23 years of wanting to know, then deciding that blogging about anime based toys and model kits will be my "drug and addiction".

In homage to that of course I made the primary colors of this site based on the colors of Hikaru Ichijo's VF-1S in Do You Remember Love.

Despite what people say about Danny Choo and how he's changed I admire the guy for following his dream in Japan. Hater's going to hate as the saying goes and you can't live your life pleasing everybody. In the course of that he finally meets the people in his life who have indirectly influenced this dream of his, like Shoji Kawamori, as mentioned in his blog post. I'm happy for the guy for accomplishing that and that's why I like reading his blog.

I also hope that whatever business they have planned with Satelight comes into fruition because Danny Choo has always been good with bringing Japanese Culture to the world in a format that we can understand. And I'm selfish because I want to know more about Satelight and Kawamori-sama *snicker*

Speaking of Kawamori-sama. Macross is going to celebrate its 30th anniversary next year. I hope they have an anime planned. Even if its just an OVA like Macross plus or Macross Zero. Please, nothing like Macross 7 and I hope we have a protagonist that actually shoots a weapon... hehehe