Friday, April 1, 2011

Hobby Search: regarding the threat of radiation

Hobby Search: regarding the threat of radiationSaw this posted at Hobby Search, an explanation on the threat of radiation being passed on to the goods they ship. I guess they have probably been receiving a lot of questions with regards to that in the past couple of days.

As we are located in Taitoku of Tokyo, which is 220km away from the nuclear power plant of Fukushima, there has not been radioactivity that would harm the human body. So please do not worry.

The evacuation order has only been enforced within the 20km radius and order to remain within buildings for the 30km area surrounding the power plant. The direction of wind is also towards the Pacific Ocean, and so Tokyo is not in the path of the wind. We have noted the readings information of the radioactivity below.

Now, the model type items has not been object of the shipping limitation inside and outside Japan. Many of the production factories are overseas, and as we stock our products from suppliers in Tokyo, there are no products being shipped from Fukushima. Since the products we deal are not food related, they are less likely to be contaminated by radiation to begin with, so please do not worry.

If the government or custom decides to place a limitation against shipment of products, we will announce this on our website.

As a backgrounder, the earthquake that struck Japan last March 11 also triggered a tsunami that resulted in large loss of life and property. It also crippled the nuclear power plant in Fukushima. More importantly its backup cooling system that is used to prevent the nuclear reactors from over heating. Workers are desperately trying to fix the cooling system but as of this posting it is already feared that a reactor was breached as plutonium had already been detected in the grounds around the nuclear power plant. Prior to that some radiation had already been vented out from the reactors and had reached some parts of the Tokyo. The readings however are said to be abnormal but still within allowable human limits