Friday, April 15, 2011


Carrier Documentary by PBS

Been watching Carrier at the PBS youtube channel for quite a while now and I have to say that this has got to be the most realistic and down to earth depiction of life onboard a US aircraft carrier.

Taken during the time of the Iraqi occupation it shows the day to day life of a motley assortment of crew members during their tour on board the USS Nimitiz.

If you are looking for a description of how combat operations are done, this documentary doesn't have that much on that subject as it focuses more on the crew members and their day to day life as well as the problems they face in their professional as well as personal lives as a result of their long deployment at sea.

One key learning I got from this documentary is the fact that the ship is really one big highschool as majority of the enlisted men and women joined right out of highschool. Bringing with them their lack of maturity and coupled with life aboard a confined ship with very little privacy, they have to learn to grow up very fast and learn to get a long in order to survive and make a career out of the Navy.

Most of the people signed up for the purpose of being able to avail of the GI Bill after their honorable discharge from the service. This allows them to get a scholarship on any public college.