Monday, March 28, 2011

X-Y Base

Since my experiment with Automotive Body filler was a success, I thought of making an X-Y stage next. This is where I can mount the poly putty blocks for easier symmetrical grinding/shaping/carving.
X-Y Stage

Don't have the moolah to purchase one or have a machine shop custom build one, so I decided to just make one out of aluminum parts. I headed on over to a local hardware store and bought various shaped aluminum bars. The photo above is the stack of aluminum that I had bought. Total cost of that stack is approximately $12, the hardware sold it per foot length.

The first part I worked on was the rotating base. Nothing fancy, just a nut and bolt and a couple of washers to allow turning on its axis. Turning doesn't have to be smooth and quick, the strong resistance in rotating the base is even sought to make working on the piece more controllable.
X-Y Stage
Before I could work on further with this my saw broke in half. Have to buy a new saw blade and a spare when I have the time. The next part I would be working on would be the vise that the poly putty blocks could be mounted on. I saw one on sale at ebay (just search mini-vise) but sadly the one I wanted, the seller was shipping only to limited countries.
X-Y Stage
As for a definte plan for this, I have none, technically I'm just "winging it". I'm putting thought right away into the metal instead of fleshing it out first on paper. Which is something I don't recommend that you do *snicker*