Saturday, January 1, 2011

Interview with GI Joe Hasbro Sculptor Bill Merklein

Talk about a Jewel of a find that was posted at therpf forum. It was link to an interview of professional sculptor Bill Merklein talking about his experience at Hasbro. Bill Merklein was responsible for sculpting a lot of the GI Joe Real American Heroes figures.

The video is very long but full of interesting tidbits and anecdotes on the production of GI Joe figures, a sample of which are:

  • How he got started in sculpting

  • What materials he used for sculpting

  • How he ended up sculpting the GI Joe figures

  • The process and materials used for sculpting GI Joe figures

  • Why female GI Joe's look like guys

  • Why there are only a few female figures

  • That some GI Joe figures were modeled after real people in the Hasbro staff

  • Whatever happened to the Rocky Balboa figure that was never released

As a diehard fan of the GI Joe Real American Hero series, this really hits the spot. Makes me want to go back and fix all those GI Joe figures with broken rubber bands that still need to be fixed.