Saturday, December 11, 2010

Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon

Found this at youtube, so looking forward to seeing this next year. Its scheduled to be release on July 2011 and I'm expecting it to be another blockbuster movie from Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg.

I'm also expecting, that Thanks to Moore's law, we'd probably have more stunning CGI effects from the previous movie. Don't take me wrong, the effects in the last movie were awesome. But seeing the increase in transaction processing in today's computer chips that's added year after year its but logical to expect that the effects makers can add more detail to the movie.

Another thing to expect is that Megan Fox won't be in the movie anymore. I wonder how they'll explain that in the storyline. Then again, they could just not mention it.

If you search deeper at Youtube you'll be able to see some behind the scenes shots of the movie being filmed. I prefer to avoid it though, because Transformers 3 is a movie that I don't want to see any spoilers of so that I can fully enjoy watching it.