Saturday, September 4, 2010

Colored Pencils

Colored Pencils for model kit detailing

I liked how the panel lining of the 1/100 GN-006 Cherudim Gundam and the MG Rick Dias came out after I used a mechanical pencil that I decided to buy a more "complete" set rather than just relying on the default pencil color of my "generic" mechanical pencil. Today I bought a pack of colored pencils made by Faber-Castell. It cost me about $5 for the pack with 24 colors.

Colored Pencils for model kit detailing

I get the effect I want when panel lining with a pencil when I first use a flat coat of lacquer clear paint before applying then a second coat to seal it. On just bare plastic, sometimes the pencil has a hard time marking so the rough finish helps for it to grip on to the surface. Any mistakes can be easily removed with an eraser. The final coat is used to seal in the pencil marks. Another great effect with the lacquer coat on the final coat is that it tends to melt the pencil marks a bit so that it doesn't seem like obvious pencil marks. Haven't tried the final coat with a water based clear coat (Future Floor Wax) yet, so I don't know if this "melting" effect that I want to occur will also happen.

There is a worry of mine that this "melting" effect will not happen because the Faber Castel boasts that the pencils were "specially SV bonded to help prevent breakage". I hope this just means that the pencils are sturdy and not what I hope that it doesn't mean. If its the former, then it means that I can sharpen this a little bit thinner than normal to get to those small nooks and crannies in the panel lines. Hope its the former. Well, I guess I'll find out once I tried it.