Japanese-To-English-Translation Disclaimer

Disclaimer/User Agreement The items that have been translated into English from Japanese because of my desire to help promote Japanese culture via understanding of their toys. It also a part of my exercises in learning the Japanese Language in order to pass the certification exam . There is therefore no guarantee as to the veracity/accuracy of the translation. And since languages can be considered local and dynamic, there are instances where in the translation cannot exactly capture the original Japanese message. There is also the handicap of the actual item usually not being present when I am translating. So this makes it a little bit more difficult to understand what it is the sentence is trying to convey to the reader. Plus there is the fact of course that I only have a few hours of the day to work on these translations so they will be mostly rushed and brief (translation: the first thing that pops into my mind *snicker*).
  • You agree that by using/reading the pages/posts/pictures that I will not be held accountable for the accuracy of the said translation.
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  • You agree that these provisions in this user agreement/disclaimer may change without prior notice to users and User agrees that any changes in this policy is considered retroactive.
If you find any mistakes in the translation, kindly send us an email so that we can correct it.