Friday, January 7, 2022

DIY Canopy for Scale Models

I was cruising through Youtube and found this very ingenious way of crafting your own clear parts. I was going to say that you could use off the shelf parts, but who the heck has a heat gun in the house? Well I do, but I don't suppose every regular joe would have one handy? Maybe a hair dryer will do?

Something to file under useful for scale modeling but hopefully I wouldn't have to do because I lost my clear parts LOL.

I definitely find this useful not just for making clear parts, but also for any major modification you would want to do on a scale model kit. Like in crafting new nose cones for planes in scratch building etc.

The Revell/Monogram B-25J Mitchell Gun Nose comes to mind as nobody seems to be building these anymore. Just plop it into the nose of your regular Revell 1/48 B-25J Mitchell.