Sunday, January 2, 2022

Bandai Soul of Chogokin GX100 Gaiking & Daikumaryu Diecast Collectible Toy

Bandai Soul of Chogokin GX100 Gaiking & Daikumaryu Diecast Collectible Toy

It takes a lot nowadays, for something to lift me out of my stupor, that will entice me to craft a lengthy piece of prose that seeks to put my thoughts to a post that will allow the reader to peer into my mind and catch a glimpse of what delights my fancy. If there is but a small thing that piques my interest and raises my brow to denote interest these days, in the end, after not even as much as two breaths and a thought, I usually just say "meh" and go on my merry way of fiddling with the stuff that keeps adults busy.

But for this I will make an exception. Because Hot Damn is this not the coolest thing ever!!!!!???? Gaiking and Space Dragon!, shhhhh!!!! It's actually Gaiking and Daikumaryu. That's your Nostalgia fix right here and nobody, not nobody ever overdoses on Nostalgia. Indulging in Nostalgia for me is like being in the Nexus from Star Trek Generations, that magical place where everything you dream of comes true and is played on infinite loop.

For us lucky enough to have been alive in the 80's and watch the Force Five series, it was heaven encapsulted in a VHS magnetic tape. As a kid watching the show, you didn't find if weird that the antagonist would shout out what weapon he was going to be using or how some of the scenes seem to be repeated from a previous episode or how some scenes were often times downright absurd that it defies logic, physics and just plain common sense. You were just so mad deep drunk on the thought of Giant Robots battling against aliens and monsters that it made you look past that. As an adult you realize that kids are bricks and can be easily entertained.

And by God I am truly entertained by this. I might have grown old and stopped being a kid, but the kid that delights in these kinds of things has never left me and will always get a kick out of seeing the toy companies come up with toys like these.

This isn't a review post, but if you are looking for one, just click on the youtube video in this post for an explainer on the features of this display toy. Even if you don't know Japanese you can easily understand the coolness of this toy from the narrating Onii-san.

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