Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Alligator Paint Clips

Alligator Paint Clips

Bought myself some Alligator Clips in order to make a new batch of Painting Clips. I got them on ebay, a little under $5 for 50 pcs of 45mm clips. The great thing about it is that it comes with free shipping.

I heard that the Chinese government subsidies their postal service, hence they can offer free shipping most of the time. Of course I don't really believe that it's really free shipping, and that they just factor in the cost of shipping with the price. But yeah I'm going off topic now.

I wasn't really particular with the color, as I don't really need the insulation, so I chose red. When it arrived a single black one got mixed in it. Other than that everything was all Ok.

The ones I made before, most of them are still functional, except that some of them got deformed due to use. They got deformed because once layers and layers of paint dried hard enough it made it harder to open and close them. So rather than wait for all of them to become unusable, decided to just jump the gun and buy in bulk. Now all that's needed are some barbecue sticks and some pliers.

I'm not usually limited to using painting clips to hold the parts when I paint. I use a combination of both painting clips and Popsicle sticks with blue tack to hold my pieces for painting. The Popsicle stick with blue tack comes in handy when the parts aren't really that big and that you don't want your parts scratched by the teeth of the alligator clips.