Friday, July 31, 2015

Google Translate App Improvements

Unknown to most people is that you can actually translate your manual by means of the Google Translate App (for IOS and Android) by taking a picture of it with the App then the translation will come out. Before when I tried it I found out that the translations for Japanese were still spotty at best. But recently I noticed that the translations have actually improved.

Now there is this even greater improvement in the capabilities of the Google Translate App by the use of neural networks to speed up translations. Watch the video above to get an idea how it works. You can download the Google Translate App in the App Store (for IOS) or Google Play (for Android)

Google Translate has made great strides these past couple of years in terms of the quality of their translations that pretty soon my task of translating manuals & color guides will not be needed anymore. I'm happy, that in a way in this little niche hobby of ours, I was able to fill the gap and help people in need.