Thursday, October 3, 2013

Farewell Mr. Clancy

Farewell Mr. Clancy

Just got the sad news that author Tom Clancy passed away. Alot has been said that Tom Clancy revolutionized the techno-thriller genre by the accurate depiction of warfare in a modern age. To me, he was a hero because he really wrote darn good books that got me reading rather than doing other frivolous pursuits.

It was my brother who lent me the first Tom Clancy book that I had read and I was immediately hooked. It was Red Storm Rising, the best World War III tale in my opinion (it was co-written by Larry Bond) At times when I'm looking for something to read, I pluck this book out from my stack and re-read it again. I can't count anymore the number of times I've read and re-read this book in my current lifetime.

After that experience I rifled through my brother's Tom Clancy book collection and eventually bought my own. When there were no more Clancy books, I felt like an addict going on withdrawal. Thankfully Michael Crichton popped along at about this time and he was able to satiate my need for this type of fiction. Crichton didn't write in the military-genre, but he wrote in the same detail oriented style that I came to love. A good book for me is one that is short on dialogue but long on explanation as to the how, what and why.

Sadly however I lost interest in Tom Clancy after the publication of Debt of Honor. In the book, the main character, Jack Ryan, the lowly CIA analyst ends up being the President of the United States. I ached with WTF's when I closed that book. I felt that Tom Clancy sold out by valuing quantity over quality. I may not be a fan of the latter books, but I still hold Mr. Clancy with the most highest respect for his influence in me in for getting me to enjoy reading.

To you sir, I doff my hat, express my Thanks and bid thee farewell and safe journey.