Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wreck-It Ralph won in my book

Wreck it Ralph won in my book

The only category I was watching out for in the 2013 Oscars was Best Animation. Sadly the movie I was gunning for, Wreck-It Ralph, failed to win the coveted award. Brave, by Pixar, won instead.

I'm not saying that Brave was a bad movie, just that I could have expected more, storywise, from a Pixar movie. CGI wise however, Pixar is still the top kick.

Wreck-It Ralph tingled a Nostalgia nerve in me as it touched on the wonderful childhood past time of playing video games. In short, it was like Toy Story, but with classic video games as the subject matter.

This movie is highly recommended by me to watch for kids and adults alike.