Sunday, January 6, 2013

Nervous When Masking Canopies

1/48 Mi-24 Hind D by Revell

Working on the Revell 1/48 Mi-24 Hind, finally glued the two halves together and am now moving on to the step where the canopy needs to be put in. There is this realization for me that the aspect of scale model building that really makes me nervous is when it comes to masking the clear canopy.

1/48 Mi-24 Hind D by Revell

I go nuts with the thought of the paint seeping in to the masked part and ruining the clear part. Weird OC/Perfectionist behaviour on my part...hehehe

To mask the clear canopy parts I'm using Tamiya Masking Tape. Tamiya Masking Tape gives good seals to prevent paint seepage during painting operations. It's also just the right thickness to make trimming it with an X-acto knife not such a bother.