Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mechwarrior Online

Mechwarrior Online

Currently on closed beta testing is Mechwarrior Online, a modernized MechWarrior game with online gameplay. Despite being on closed beta, you can just register at their site in order to reserve your pilot name. Review of this game can be found at at IGN, here. For more information, try to read up on the FAQ for more information. I doubt my lumbering PC can handle this though.

I never played any of the Mechwarrior series of PC Games, what I had fun playing though were MechCommander 1 and MechCommander 2 from the same universe that was developed by FASA. That is one series that I hope ends up in GOG's inventory of games.

And with this, I wonder if I can still find my old CD's of that game? *snicker*