Thursday, August 23, 2012

Music to Build By

I think I just found the best music to get me into the mood to build model kits. It comes from the Iron Man soundtrack, specifically the songs Mark II and Driving With the Top Down. Both songs were composed by acclaimed music composer Ramin Djawadi and were heard during the scene where Tony Stark builds and tests the Iron Man armor.

The scoring of Iron Man was definitely one of the reasons the movie was such a great hit. The combination of symphony and honest to goodness rock and roll for the soundtrack was definitely the right mix to fit into the technological theme of the movie. It put the audience into the right mood and helped in satiating the auditory senses of the viewer. Of course the visual and the acting played a major part, but its the subtle massaging by the sound track that helped immerse the audience further. Like looking at a piece of art, its the subtle strokes that can be hardly perceived that add detail that actually make the finished work look good.

And if after listening to that you still don't feel like going out and building, maybe this post will help *snicker*