Monday, July 9, 2012

So Long Ernest Borgnine

So Long Ernest Borgnine

Heard today that Ernest Borgnine passed away already. I grew up watching Ernest Borgnine in a couple of films but what really endeared him to me was watching him as Dominic Santini. He was Stringfellow Hawke's trusty sidekick in the popular Airwolf series of the 80's.

I always liked watching Ernest Borgnine play his jovial characters because as a kid I always wanted somebody like that in my life. Like the smiling grandpa that would spoil you silly or make you laugh till your belly ached. In hindsight, kinda reminds me of Santa Claus.

I think it was only apt that I was an adult already when I watched Ice Station Zebra, because in that film Ernest Borgnine portrayed a very dark character. Seeing a grim Ernest Borgnine would probably be a serious mind job for me at that young age.

So Long Mr. Borgnine, Thank You for all the happy memories, with the characters you played, and may you Rest in Peace.