Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Metal Gear (1988) Walkthrough

In its time Metal Gear was really a ground breaking game because of its style of gameplay. I was one of those who were trully entertained by this game. In the game you play a special forces character, Solid Snake, who has a mission to destroy the Metal Gear weapon of the enemy. As an infiltration game a lot of the skills required is stealth, so its not necessary to kill everything that you see.

With the success of this game it spawned a lot more sequels and cemented Solid Snake as one of the most memorable characters produced by the gaming industry. I only had one summer vacation to play this game in the NES but never really got to finishing it. After the summer I had to leave my home town to go back to school in a different city, there I wasn't allowed to bring any video games (or large toys for that manner) with me.

That's why it's really nice to see in youtube these old game walk throughs. Hearing that transceiver typing messages as well as that old game 8-bit sound track of Metal Gear really brought back some good choldhood memories. And just like the theme and objective of this blog, I have once again shot myself up with that wonderful but natural drug known as nostalgia.