Friday, March 30, 2012

Decommissioning Space Shuttles

Decommissioning Space Shuttles

Just saw this photo essay at the Atlantic's online site of the Space Shuttles being decommissioned and can't help but feel a part of my childhood tearing up a little inside. Upon retirement of the Space Shuttles, the existing shuttles are being shipped to various museums for display.

The first time I saw the space shuttle was in a little James Bond movie called Moon Raker. I never realized then that there was a real space shuttle developed by NASA. Made me jump with glee when I saw a footage of the space shuttle taking off in the news.

I've seen it during its ups and downs as well as the really tragic episodes of its service life. Maybe the names of its crews aren't as memorable as the pioneers of the Space Race. Such as with the Mercury 7 and the Apollo missions. But in my book, those who served in the Shuttle are just as heroic.