Friday, February 10, 2012

1/60 Perfect Transformation VF-4G Lightning III by Yamato Toys Schematics

Yamato Toys posted on their twitter account that schematics of the VF-4G Lightning III from Macross 2012 will be available at GA Graphic, here. The VF-4G is being released as part of the celebration of Macross' 30th Anniversary.

The article is also an interview of Mister K from Yamato Toys. Release date for the VF-4G will be on December... quite a ways off and having been in production, I know that sometimes it might take longer because of production and design issues. First you have to get a prototype off then once the design is perfect, retool your production line. Then you have to tweak that production line to remove defects and optimize the flow. Sometimes you don't even have to optimize that much if the production run won't be that long... ackkkk... I'm babbling again.

Having seen previous comparison shots of the VF-4G Lightning with other VF this looks to be a very huge toy...woohoo!