Sunday, January 22, 2012

Classic 1993 Syndicate game available at GOG

Was happy to see this announcement by GOG that they now have that classic 1993 real time strategy game, Syndicate, in their inventory. Its selling for $5.99 at their site. I was surprised that that game is only 17MB in size considering the great game play. Considering that it came out in 1993, don't expect any great graphics or mouse gameplay, back then when you played a PC game it usually involved playing with the keyboard.

In the game you are a leader of a Syndicate whose objective is to rule the world. This is done by accomplishing missions in selected countries that have the end result of conquering the said country. The missions are usually assassinations, kidnappings, etc. In between missions you can allocate resources to your R & D department to develop weapons, body modifications and equipment. In the game you control 4 trench coated agents which you can equip with weapons or modifications that will help them to accomplish their task by improving their abilities.

My University classmate introduced this to me and lent me the CD. It truly was a great game and ground breaking in its time. Playing this again will surely bring me back those feelings of being in University once more.