Tuesday, December 6, 2011

HobbyLink Japan Sci-Fi Modelling 2012 Competition

HobbyLink Japan Sci-Fi Modelling 2012 Competition

Been a day late posting about this, but yesterday marked the start of HobbyLink Japan's Sci-Fi Modelling 2012 competition that they announced in the previous episode of HobbyLink TV. This time its not limited to Gundam model kits, but this time you can enter any sci-fi model kit into the contest

For a quick video run down of the contest mechanics, kindly refer to Syd and Ryan's video below.

After watching the video I'd still recommend reading the contest mechanics so that you don't run into a snag. It has to be pointed out also that the sci-fi based kit you enter has to be an original build that was not entered in a previous contest, more specifically.

Anyone who enters this competition with a model kit from any other competitions, review builds and promotions will be disqualified.

When in doubt, shoot them an email or else it will be 3 months wasted on a build that wasn't able to enter the contest because of a technicality. I think this is a good contest mechanic because it offers a certain level playing field for all. That's because with only 3 months build time it doesn't give somebody an unfair head start over everybody else. Let's face it, aside from building skills, one other essential to making a good kit is to have time on your hands to build.

Last day of submission of your entries is on Monday 5th of March, 2012

Categories are Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Winners will receive 3 kits of a set combined monetary value (depending on their placing) of their choosing.

HobbyLink Japan is one of the large online hobby sellers in Japan specializing in Japanese toys, collectibles, model kits and hobby supplies.

HobbyLink Japan Sci-Fi Modelling 2012 Competition

Some clarification on the contest mechanics were discussed in this episode of Gunpla TV

Winners were already announced check out the video below.

Pictures for the winners of the advanced category can be found here. Winners of the Intermediate class is here while beginners can be found here. Pictures of those who entered can also be found here