Thursday, December 29, 2011

30th Macross Anniversary Official Logo

30th Macross Anniversary Official Logo

Update: Turns out that this logo was already unveiled a few months back

Yamato Toys twitter is a buzz because of new information regarding the 1/60 VF-17 Nightmare (Diamond Force ver) that's being released this month. Maybe the most interesting piece of the post was at the bottom, where Mr. K of Yamato Toys posted the official 30th Anniversay Macross Logo. That's the SDF-1 Macross from the Macross Do You Remember Love movie.

You could say that I'm a die hard fan of Macross and its my most favorite mecha anime of all time. The story and the mecha designs of Kawamori-sama was what made me a fan. A couple years back I finally got to complete and see the ending of the the original Macross anime series, 23 years after the show came out. That's one of the main reasons I decided to create this site, in order to reconnect with my childhood past. In homage to Macross, the site's colors are based off the VF-1S of Hikaru Ichijou in DYRL, which was my first ever Macross Toy.

I'm expecting to see a lot of merchandise to be released next year with that logo on the packaging (probably the reason why Yamato Toys have access to that logo). I'm therefore expecting a lot of re-release of the old Macross toys from years past. As for a new anime series, who knows? But if it will follow the track during the 25th anniversary of Macross, the anime will most likely be released the following year.