Monday, November 28, 2011

Test Shot of Yamato Toy's 1/60 VF-17S at this month's Dengeki Hobby

Test Shot of VF-17S at this month's Dengeki Hobby

Yamato Toy's put out a clarification with their twitter that the fire red 1/60 VF-17S Nightmare featured in this latest issue of Dengeki Hobby is not a prototype of Milia's VF-17 Nightmare from Macross 7.

Scheduled for release next month is the 1/60 Perfect Transformation VF-17S Nightmare (Diamond Force ver) from Macross 7 anime. And it sure has a lot of the fans of the series very much excited.

As for the back story of the Milia version of the VF-17 Nightmare, in one part of the Macross 7 anime, the Macross 7's City component got separated from its Warship contingent that was tasked to protect it when it was folded out by the enemy. The Diamond Force squadron with their VF-17 Nightmares was able to warp right in with the City component in order to offer protection while the warships try to find them after they were folded out again. One of its pilots got disabled and Milia Jenius, the mayor of the City and wife of Max Jenius, resumed her role as fighter pilot by taking over the vacant VF-17. In the process she had the normally black VF-17 Nightmare repainted red in the shade of the VF's she flew when she was still in the military.