Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gundam Unicorn Episode 4 - At the bottom of the Gravity Well

Gundam Unicorn Episode 4 - At the bottom of the Gravity Well

Just finished watching Gundam Unicorn Ep 4: At the Bottom of the Gravity Well. It picks up from where Episode 3 finished. Banagher Links and the Unicorn Gundam were plummeting to earth after fighting with the Sinanju of Full Frontal. It is seen in the episode that Banagher was able to survive by taking shelter with the Garencieres.

I have to say that the battle scenes of the OVA were truly spectacular to behold. Great Mobile Suit on Mobile Suit action. But what was really getting to me was the incessant whining of Banagher Links about killing...nobody likes a whiner... I hope the makers of Gundam finally get that into their noggin... whining is acceptable to a point (till the 3rd episode!), beyond that threshold and its like being subjected to the sound of clawing against a black board.

One reason too why I liked Gundam 00 the most (when it comes to the Gundam Franchise), because you didn't hear any whining from Setsuna F. Seie. It still remains to be seen however, whether Banagher Links will ever be able to surpass Kira Yamato as worst whiner in the Gundam Franchise. At least Kira Yamato stopped whining already in Gundam Seed Destiny...nice to see too that he recovered well from his PTSD