Sunday, November 13, 2011

Autodesk 123D Catch

Announced a few days back was the release of the Beta version of Autodesk 123D Catch. Its a software that will allow you to convert photographs into 3D models. Check out the video above for the intro. It's basically a rebranding of the Photofly project that they announced before.

Haven't tried it yet, probably won't either after my experience with Autodesk 123D not working on my PC. Turns out that my video card wasn't compatible with their software. And even if they did fix that problem, my pc running on just 2 GB of RAM was sluggish with their software on. Based from experience, I never try to do anything critical on a sluggish PC, because the probability of screwing up is too high because of the screaming PC resources.

Despite that, I have to commend Autodesk with what they're doing, which is bringing 3D modelling technology into the main stream market and making it user friendly. And coupled with 3D printers on the rise, pretty soon those Replicators from Star Trek will be a common house hold appliance... ok realistically, maybe its an odd 50 years to a 100 years out. But I'm confident that 3D printing technology will make quantum leaps in advances within the next 5 years or so. And with that we will have a better and more efficient way of life. I just love how technology builds upon its own and raises the next level of technological advancements on its shoulders.

Don't forget to check out Autodesk 123D's youtube page for more videos.