Sunday, March 6, 2011

Nowhere Man

Nowhere Man

Was hoping to continue building the 1/100 GN-007 Gundam Arios because the sky was sunny and bright. I took out the box of the Gundam Arios from storage and laid out the parts and stuff I needed for the build on the table. Just when I started filing down some parts the sky suddenly became dark and it started to rain.

I jested before that I felt that God didn't want me to be building any model kits because everytime that I picked up the kit something always came up to stop me from building. Usually its the weather but last time it was the guilt of killing a snake. Then again, maybe it has nothing to do with model kit building, but rather he doesn't want me to build the Gundam Arios *snicker*

For a backgrounder, I don't paint when its raining because the thick moisture in the air ruins the painting process.