Saturday, October 16, 2010

Model Kit Gallery

Model Kit Gallery

I've long resisted putting up a model kit gallery page because I thought it would be giving in to my vanity, considering that I don't think my kits are spectacularly built enough to merit one. Prudence however finally won over along with common sense.

The reason being is because I'm starting to lose track of the model kits I've built which I often have to look back for reference. The funny thing is that I only built seven kits as of this posting yet I have a hard time looking for my blog posts.

Then again, when you think about, I only built seven kits but I rebuilt 4 of those kits a total of 5 times. So that's like saying that in the one year I've been active in this hobby I've worked on about 12 kits total. No wonder I feel like I've built a lot of kits already *snicker*