Tuesday, October 5, 2010

HobbyLink Japan Announces Lower Prices on Select Brands

HobbyLink Japan Announces Lower Prices on Select Products

HobbyLink Japan announced recently that they are now offering a permanent discount from the retail price of select brands that they carry on their inventory. Costumers will be able to experience between 10~20% off the retail price of these products.

In a post, HLJ President Scott Hards said:
To help our customers combat the soaring yen, we've decided to make a fundamental change in how we do business. We've started a new "Our Price" system. What that means is that we're permanently lowering prices on many of your favorite brands and items; a price that will stay discounted always and forever!

Currently discounted products are: Sekiguchi, Sweet, Fine Molds, Pit-Road, Tamiya 1/20 GP Collection, Master Box, Tasca, Modelkasten, Linear Motor, Wave Compressors, AIRTEX Compressors, Brush Aid. Expect more products to be added too in the near future.

Kinda nice to see a company founded by a foreigner flourishing in Japan given that Japan is notorious for making it difficult for foreign companies to set up shop in their shores. According to articles I've read before its institutionalised protectionism elevated to an art form... or something in that line.

If HLJ finally comes around to negotiating a good price from Bandai for their plastic model kits and passing on that savings to us consumers, then I'd finally be in plamodel heaven... hehehe... in the meantime you can check out the sale on Gundam products currently ongoing at HLJ.