Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Revisiting 1/72 VF-25G Valkyrie Messiah

Revisiting 1/72 VF-25G Valkyrie Messiah

Me wonders whether the 1/60 GN-001 Exia will ever get built *snicker*... Decided to take a step back once again and retouch the first Bandai kit I ever built. The 1/72 VF-25G Valkyrie Messiah of Michael Blanc from the Macross Frontier anime series. Nothing much really, just flat cloating and adding panel lines to the kit. I didn't have any Gundam Marker yet at the time I built this, nor the knowledge that an ordinary pencil can do wonders in detailing up a kit. Probably try to add more stickers too.

I always said that Macross will always be home for me. Ever since I saw the first Macross SDF-1 anime in the early eighties I was smitten. I had to wait some 23 years before finally finding out how the series ended because I wasn't able to watch the final few episodes. I thought the spark of Macross ended for me, but when I saw the first two episodes of Macross Plus in college the flame blew brighter once again. Then here I am now, still enamored with the Macross Franchise after being entertained by Macross Zero and the latest, Macross Frontier.

Will probably start on this kit after a few days, its been raining of late and even when its not raining its been very cloudy. Painting is a no-no for me during cold and wet climates, ruins the paint. In the meantime I can start preparation by cleaning up the kit.

Just realized that the 1/72 VF-25G was also the first kit I ever translated. Color Guide for the 1/72 VF-25G Valkyrie Messiah of Michael Blanc can be found here. Translated Construction Manual can be found here.

Part II of this build can be found here.