Friday, September 24, 2010

Danny Choo's Culture Japan first Episode Up at Youtube

Famous Otaku blogger, Danny Choo posted on his blog that he had uploaded the first episode of his Culture Japan tv show. Was looking forward to watching this ever since he announced on his blog that he was working on a pilot episode.

For me, the first episode was quite good and very informative. Especially the part where they toured Good Smile Company (click on the link to jump directly into the segment), which is responsible for making great figures. The segment shows some of the tools and techniques they use to make them. Particularly the use of 3d printers in making prototypes.

The interview with the head of Good Smile Company, Takanori Aki also was informative. He said that for highly detailed figures, it could take up to about 6 months to a year to produce. He also said that he feels that the skill of the Japanese figure sculpture can't be easily replicated.

Am definitely looking forward to the future episodes of this tv show.