Monday, July 19, 2010

Spacehog - In the Meantime

One way or another a subtle theme of this blog has always been about the times I've successfully connected with my youthful-self and celebrate what was good about all those years. And of course, find closure or conclusion in the stuff I never got to finish when I was still young.

Case in point was my almost 23 year wait before I finally saw the ending of the original Macross series. Then of course recently there was the 20 year wait to find out how the Strikeforce Morituri comic book actually ended and began.

I don't know if you could classify this as the same. But today I finally found out who sang this favorite song of mine: In the meantime by Spacehog. This time its been a 14 year wait for me. I often heard this song on the radio in 1996 but never found out who sang it. Call it dumb luck that this song was always played in sequence with other songs, hence the DJ never bothered to say what the title of the song was or who sang it.

I heard it in the movie Fanboys so with a little sleuthing, youtube and imdb I was finally able to track down who sang it.

And today I celebrate this minor discovery with a blog post and setting this song on infinite loop on my player for the next couple of days....hehehe... To describe it further: its similar to the sensation of having a long embedded splinter removed from your body *snicker* Ahhhh, nostalgia, such bliss!