Saturday, July 10, 2010

Airbrush Tank Conversion Part II

Airbrush Tank Conversion Part II

Went to a local hardware store and bought myself an air regulator. This was for my project of converting my Dad's old oxygen tank to an airbrush tank. Price was ok at $12 for the entire thing.

I see a similar priced air regulator at Amazon. But if you can afford it, get the one with the air filter and moisture trap. That way you can be assured that clean dry air will mix with your paint. Air compressors are usually lubricated by oil so there is a chance that the oil can mix in with the air you are sending your air brush.

The downside was that it didn't have any instructions in it, or the hardware store probably lost it already. Add to that that it didn't have a maximum air pressure rating on its side to inform me up to what pressure this regulator can operate on. Hey, at least it had an arrow depicting where the air will flow *snicker*

I'm assuming that as long as I keep the tank pressure below 120 psi there won't be any problems with this thing blowing up on me. I'm basing this on the gauge of the pressure regulator that has 140 psi as its highest value in the scale. Along with that I bought some more fittings and some ball valves that I'll use in order to devise something that will make re-charging of this tank easier.

Of course in order to paint with this I will need some paint. So I bought some basic Tamiya Acrylics along with some Tamiya thinner to test this contraption on. Hopefully on my next build, since I have no plans on using this on the 1/100 Cherudim Gundam that I'm currently working on.

In the meantime, I tested this out already on the Bootleg Dynames (again) by applying a coat of Future Floorwax at a pressure of 20 psi. Came out ok, though it did seem a bit grainy. I have to work on testing next time at a lower pressure as well as experimenting with the spraying distance.