Friday, June 4, 2010

HobbyLink Japan Scratch and Dent Section

HobbyLink Japan Scratch and Dent Section

HobbyLink Japan just recently announced a new section in their site, the Scratch and Dent section.

This portion will feature items on bargain prices because of damaged packaging. The products however could still be considered in good condition. There was a slight caveat mentioned at their site with regards to the items being sold there:

All B-grade "Scratch & Dent" items are sold "as-is" and we cannot accept returns due to the condition of the packaging, boxes or covers

So if your really not particular about the box/package condition you could just find yourself in hobby shop heaven browsing through here. Right now there isn't much stuff on there but considering that this is a permanent section of HobbyLink Japan I'd assume that more stuff would be added in the near future.