Saturday, May 1, 2010

Amiami offers Unregistered SAL and reduced handling charges

Amiami offers Unregistered SAL and reduced handling charges

Amiami just announced recently at their site that they are now offering unregistered SAL as well as that they are reducing the handling charges. Check out more details of it here.

Unregistered SAL is indeed cheaper that Registered SAL and EMS, the drawback is that you can't track your package with this shipment method. The package I buy overseas using unregistered SAL has no problem arriving for me. Their seems however to be a 2kg limit for each SAL package shipped. Other than that you have to go for EMS.

Included with this announcement is this explanation on how they actually compute your shipment cost.

In order to save labor costs and be able to offer you the lowest possible prices on merchandise at AmiAmi we do not weigh every parcel individually.

Instead, we estimate the product weight with the weight of the packing materials and base our shipping charges on that item.
Because of this, please understand that there may be a slight difference in our quoted shipping weight and the weight of the parcel you receive.

In the end, some parcels are a bit over and some a bit under our estimated weight, but we skew the average shipping charge 5% in the customer's favor so that over the course of several shipments you will be paying approximately 5% less than the list shipping fees.