Sunday, April 4, 2010

Starcraft2 Game Commentary

Starcraft2 Game Commentary

Been watching the Starcraft2 Beta test competition going on via two guys who've been giving excellent in-game commentary: HDStarCraft and HuskyStarCraft

I have to marvel at both guys talent, its like watching a game at ESPN, especially when both guys are working together to call the game. I always am amazed with game commentators who have the skill to keep the viewer entertained on an otherwise boring game. This is by proving useful information and insight on the mechanics and background of the game.

These vidoes of theirs are quite useful to anybody who wants to learn how to play better at StarCraft2 because one can learn from the tactics of the pro's. Those guys also have a lot of information with regards to the capability of individual units, races and the style of play of the player they are calling the game on. And of course the benefits that a particular map has to players and races.

One tip I can give though when watching the games is to view it in full screen mode. Its much more easier to see and understand what's being said that way. Also, taking note of the lower left tactical map helps to give you a better understanding of the battle as you know where each player's forces are located at as well as what the commentator is taking about.