Saturday, March 6, 2010

Watch Robotech Episodes Online

Watch Robotech Episodes Online

While researching on Astro Boy I found out that via the MangaEntertainment Channel at youtube you can actually watch the Robotech Episodes Online.

The links to the Robotech Series Episodes: The Macross Saga, The Masters, The New Generation

The Robotech series was a repackaging of 3 anime series which were the Macross, Southern Cross (The Masters) and Genesis Climber Mospeada (New Generation) by Harmony Gold and shown in the North American Market. It was heavily edited of course so that the 3 animes could be tied in together and therefore lost the original plot and gained a different continuity. If you want to see how the series were really intended to be I'd really recommend watching the original Japanese episodes.

Here's the link to the Astro Boy Channel in case you are interested.