Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Who's got next?

Unbuilt Gundam Kits

To quote my ex-boss, "It's a wonderful problem to have". Well this is one of those type of decisions that I love to make... specifically which Gundam kit to build next. I already started with the 1/100 Gundam Dynames a while back then put a stop to that to build the Gundam Astray Blue Frame Second L (which I just recently finished).

Ranking them in order, Cherudim and the Big Scale 1/60 Gundam Exia are tied at last. Cherudim is last for the shallow reason that I didn't like the second Lockon Stratos character in Gundam 00 as much as the first...hehehe. With the 1/60 Exia, because of its sheer size I address it with such reverence to the point that I'm afraid to build it. Because I'm scared of screwing it up I'm holding off the build till the time I feel confident enough to tackle it.

Then Dynames would be next. With Dynames its more of like a sensation of burnout because I've already built the bootleg Dynames of TT Hongli.

Tied at first are the Gundam Astray Red Frame and the Gundam Arios. I was happy with how Gundam Kyrios came out that I'm hoping to replicate the feat with the Arios. Plus of course its because Allelujah Haptism is one of my most favorite characters in Gundam 00.

As for the Red Frame, well its because its "the" Gundam Astray Red Frame. Such a beautiful design really the Astray's.

Right now I'm basking in the afterglow of a finished Gundam Astray Blue Frame. So am in really no rush to build yet. But maybe in a few more days when I start feeling the need to be busy in order to stave off my urge to smoke (I took up kit building to fight off my nicotine addiction) is when I will really feel the pressure to choose the next Gundam kit to build.

I do hope I don't sound boastful with this post, showing off the 5 unfinished Gundam kits. If I do sound that way, I sincerely apologize.