Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hexacopter: 6 Bladed Helicopter

Hexacopter: 6 Bladed Helicopter

This has been making the rounds lately and I too am impressed. The great thing about the Hexacopter is that its homemade, uses 6 brushless electric motors and as seen on the video can easily carry a 1kg /1 li bottle of Coke. Oh, and of course it has GPS tracking and can easily carry a camera payload.

The RC world sure has taken a quantum leap because of advancements in brushless motors. Brushless motors offer better efficiencies and weight savings.

Conventional single rotor helicopters designed by Igor Sikorsky have a large single rotor to give it lift then a small tail rotor to prevent the body from rotating along with the rotor. Most RC helicopters of this design have a similar sized blade underneath the first one running in the opposite direction to help counteract this rotation. This helps reduce the weight needed for a transmission system to power a small fan on the tail. With a six bladed design this too negates the need for a counteracting rotational force.

Originally seen on reddit and hackaday