Thursday, January 28, 2010

MG ZGMF-X56S Force Impulse Gundam English Color Guide

MG ZGMF-X56S Force Impulse Gundam Color Guide
Update: Translated Construction Manual for the MG Force Impulse Gundam can be found here.

Shinn Asuka's Force Impulse Gundam from the Gundam Seed Destiny series of anime. Launching from the Minerva battleship of ZAFT are the Chest Flyer, Core Splendor, Leg Flyer and Force Silhouette pack which merge to form the Force Impulse Gundam. There is another variant of this, which is the Sword Impulse Gundam which can be had by Shinn by changing only the weapons package of the Gundam. When Shinn Asuka moved on to the Destiny Gundam, the Force Impulse was taken over by Luna Maria Hawke.

MG ZGMF-X56S Force Impulse Gundam Color Guide

Can't really say that I'm fond of this Gundam. Not that I don't like the design, its just that I never liked Shinn Asuka. In the Gundam Seed Destiny series he was shown as always having a chip on his shoulder to anything that had to do with Orb. This was because he lost his family at the Battle of Orb to collateral damage when Kira Yamato's Freedom Gundam was fighting with the enemy. So automatically the 2 main protagonists from Gundam Seed were on his sh*t list. Specifically Cagalli Athha and Kira Yamato. Not to mention that he was also insolent to Athrun Zala who was ahead of him in rank.

The Master Grade 1/100 Force Impulse Gundam is selling for 3302 yen over at Amiami, 4275 yen at Hobby Search, 3150 yen at HWJapan and 4500 yen at Hobby Link Japan. 3rd party seller at Amazon is selling it for $$$$

Color Guide was translated from the manual posted at Hobby Search.
MG ZGMF-X56S Force Impulse Gundam Color Guide