Monday, January 25, 2010

Macross Chronicle 41 and 42

Scheduled for release on February 4, 2010 is issue 41 of the Macross Chronicle. While on February 18 will be the release of issue 42. Previews for the two issues were already posted at the Official Macross Frontier blog.

Issue 41 previews include:

Mechanic Sheet: The Vajra of Macross Frontier. They are said to be biomechanical weapons, as in live beings that produce their own weapons. In the Macross Frontier series they were even shown as having the capability to adapt like the Borg against their enemies. Without the "assimilation" factor of course *snicker*
Macross Chronicle 41 and 42 The Vajra

Character Sheet will feature the Civilians of City 7 from the Macross 7 anime: featured on this sheet are Michael (the body guard of Milia Fallyna Jenius) and Akiko, Ray Lovelock's friend and Fire Bomber manager.

Macross Chronicle 41 and 42: City 7 civilians

Character Sheet will also have Mao Nome of Macross Zero

Macross Chronicle 41 and 42: Mao Nome

Technology Sheet will feature Variable Fighters and Missiles
Macross Chronicle 41 and 42m41_technology_mihiraki.jpg

For a preview of issue 42, it will have:

Macross Frontier Song sheet for Aimo, Nyan Nyan CM song, and Ninjin loves you.

Macross Chronicle 41 and 42

World Guide will feature the Nyan Nyan restaurant where Ranka Lee works part-time at Macross Frontier.
Macross Chronicle 41 and 42

Mechanic Sheet will feature the SV-51 of Nora of Macross Zero


Another Character sheet will feature Mylene Jenius, daughter of Max and Milia Jenius from Macross 7


Good Sheet will feature the recently released DX Chogokin Macross Quarter from Bandai.


Character Sheet will feature Zentradi antagonist, ace and commander: Quamjin from the original Macross series


Mechanic sheet will feature Quamjin's ride, the iconic Glaug


World guide sheet will have the Chinese restaurant made famous by Lynn Minmay and was where Ranka Lee worked in during her part time job days.