Friday, December 4, 2009

Rick Dias 2.0 Rebuild Part II

In the modelling world, the journey of a thousand miles begins first by opening the user manual. Had to brush up on the manual to make sure that I was disassembling the Rick Dias correctly, wouldn't want to suffer a broken part during this step. As mentioned before, I've decided to rebuild the Rick Dias because of a botched painting job that resulted in the paint being so easily stripped from the mecha. Ideally by now I should be taking photos of the finished Gundam Kyrios, but since I'm using an alternative marker for panel lining that needs more than a day to dry, I have some time to spare.

Rick Dias 2.0 Rebuild Part II

I started working on it yesterday by stripping the Clay Bazooka of its paint by the use of a file then smoothing the surface by wet sanding with a 1000 grit sandpaper. After which I washed it with water and a sponge. After drying I applied some plastic primer then after that I painted the colors that were initially on it.

Rick Dias 2.0 Rebuild Part II

So far so good. Today I also started disassembling the Rick Dias and working on the main body. For now I was able to start work on one of the legs.

I did a scratch test on the Clay Bazooka and the paint doesn't come off anymore. Lesson learned, I'm not going to do anymore model kit builds without first applying some primer coat.

Next step of this build can be found here.