Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bandai Hobby Launches Redesigned English Site

Bandai Hobby Launches Redesigned English Site

Bandai announced today that they're launching their redesigned English language page. So far while looking through the site there isn't much in terms of info. The new products page seems to be the only thing that has informative value.

A few minutes ago I was watching CNN and there was a segment there on the languishing Japanese economy and the ongoing word war between the newly elected democratic government versus the Bank of Japan. One of the main problems that the country is facing is the strong yen that is affecting the competitiveness of the country's export products.

Well the anime industry is said to be not doing that great compared to previous years. But all I can say to that is that they should really start putting some more serious effort into expanding their anime industry into foreign markets instead of relying on just internal consumption. When you think about it, the anime fan is the ideal target for a commercial enterprise. As a fan myself I can't explain why there is this inherent desire to consume every product that the franchise releases no matter how bad the product is. As long as the anime series was good of course.

What does that have to do with the Bandai English Language site? Well for one, if anime production, marketing and merchandising company's decided to put more effort into making a good English language page for foreign users they would definitely win more fans and consumers of their products. And that is money you can eventually take to the bank. When I say "good English" I don't mean Google Translate English.