Thursday, December 10, 2009

Amiami makes permanent SAL shipping option for International customers

Amiami officially announced on their site that they are making SAL shipping a permanent option in their English site for overseas customers. Prior to that only EMS was the only shipping option, but after a few days they gave in to their customers requests and offered Registered SAL shipping on a trial basis.

Amiami makes permanent SAL shipping for International customers

Just a few weeks back they announced the opening of their english site to cater to overseas customers. Previously they had been focused only on selling to local Japanese customers.

I had already ordered something from Amiami in order to write a review, so far I had found their customer service to be very friendly. Their stocks for Gundam model kits however are quite limited. I was hoping that they migrate more products from their Japanese site to the English site. Of course I also have to mention that their prices are quite competitive.