Thursday, December 17, 2009

1/100 GN-002 Gundam Dynames Part III

1/100 GN-002 Gundam Dynames Part III

Decided to strip the dark green paint off the Gundam Dynames because I wasn't comfortable with the color. Plus of course, I was able to find a much closer color, Pylox Singa Green during my hunt for some TOA plastic primer. There is still a shortage of plastic primer as I was only able to scrounge two cans worth. When I asked them if I could order for more they said that it wasn't possible because they just take what the supplier gives them...blehhh.

With the grey primer and the dark green on top of it, the shade of green became much darker. Much of the time alloted for building the Dynames was eaten up by an experiment on the 2 green paints I bought yesterday and the grey and white primers to see which would be closest to the Gundam Dynames' color. To be sure I got my wife's inputs too on which was the closest.

1/100 GN-002 Gundam Dynames Part III

From this I learned that there really is a difference in the overall paint color when you use either a white base primer or a grey base primer. Notice that if you use a light colored top coat (like the fresh green), the darkness is more distinct when using a grey base. With a dark color however its not much easier to discern, like the case of the singa green. There is only a slight difference between the singa green with grey base or white base.

This information will come in handy as I'm trying to get a good color for the blue parts of the Gundam Exia. The paint I have on hand is kinda light. I was thinking that aside from the grey base I could try a black coat on top of the primer before I spray on the light blue coat. Hopefully this will give me that correct darker shade of blue. The tricky part is not spraying it on too thickly that it will cover the panel lines and details.

Of course if you want the easier route and have and air brush (or not really particular about hand painting lines), you could go for the Gundam Color set being sold by GSI Creos. Its being sold by HLJ, but because of recent export restrictions of paints, you might have some trouble in buying it. Best to ask them first. And you might want to order more than 1 because the 10ml capacity might be too small for covering the entire 1/100 Dynames.

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