Friday, November 13, 2009

Pylox Aerosol Lacquer Color Guide

Update 12/06/2009: I've noticed a problem with some of the Pylox paints (not just the fire red mentioned below) being easily stripped from the model kit the only remedy I found to be effective to prevent this is to use a primer first on the surface.

Pylox Aerosol Lacquer Color Guide

Was at the hardware store a few days ago and finally decided to take a picture of the Color Guide for the Pylox Aerosol Lacquer paints made by Nippon Paints for reference when I get home. Saves having to have to go to the hardware store all the time to check on the available paints. I've been using these spray paints to color my model kits due to lack of modelling paints in my region.

Pylox Aerosol Lacquer Solid Colors Pylox Aerosol Lacquer Metallic Colours Pylox Aerosol Lacquer Fluorescent Colours

Just click on the thumbnails above to enlarge the image and make it readable enough. As you can see there is an image of a motorcycle which enhances further the premise that this type of paint can be used on model kits because the modern day motorcycle has a lot of plastic parts for its exterior.

So far I've used and tested the solid and metallic colors (Metallic Graphite only) on my model kits with only minor hitches. Save for the Fire Red which had a problem of easily being stripped off the surface of the model, all the other paints stuck well to the surface of the model. Not sure if this was because I failed to use a primer on it or I failed to wash the parts with detergent to remove any release agents still on it from the molding process. One other possibility was that it was a batch of bad paint. I was able to remedy the situation though by adding a top coat of Future floorwax which sealed the paint in.

One other bad experience I had with Pylox paints was that the paint didn't match what was in the color guide. So in the case of the Oxford Blue that I bought, what actually came out was something similar to Sea Blue. Must be again problems in the line production.

I also tested this paint with a plastic primer coat of a different brand and it worked out well.