Saturday, November 21, 2009

Play Asia Discount Coupon

Just received a Christmas "gift" from Play Asia in my inbox. And it was two discount coupons for use in their site. The coupon is valid till 2009 only and can be used only once. What I don't like about the coupon though is that you have to reach a certain purchase threshold in order to get the discount...blehh

Anybody feel free to use this since I have no intention of using it, first-come-first-serve of course. Some more literature with regards to the coupon can be found below, lifted from the play-asia email.

***** Image Deleted *****
Both coupon codes listed in this e-mail are only valid until the end of 2009 and can be redeemed just once. Feel free to pass either coupon to anyone else if you can't use it for yourself. Please be reminded that shipping costs do not account for the minimum purchase amount and only one coupon code can be used per order. Coupon codes are further not valid in combination with our weekly special promotion.